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Spiked and Studded Shoes and Traction Aids

Our Retractable Top Picks

Our top picks meet our minimum slip resistance standard for icy conditions.

Caution: These boots feature retractable spikes that maximize grip on icy surfaces. They have a lever on the heel that can be turned to extend or retract the spikes. We have tested them in both conditions. When walking on ice with the spikes extended the boots achieve a rating of 3 snowflakes (excellent); however, be aware that if you are walking with the spikes retracted and you step unknowingly onto a patch of wet ice, you will probably slip because the rating for this condition is less than one snowflake.

FootwearBrandNameRatingsMAA ScoreWet IceCold Ice
iDAPT575 Side.png
SnowJack Pro


iDAPT576 Top and Sole.png


Ice Runner Cleat



All boots tested were new off-the-shelf. We have not yet tested them for the effects of wear.

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